About Leader

Growing Power for Generations to Come

  • At Leader Resources, we grow power from renewable energy sources – contributing sustainable value to our planet and our partners.
  • Leader Resources is an experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished Canadian company leading the successful development of commercial scale renewable energy projects through regulatory processes, site testing and acquisition, partnership development, and operations and asset management.
  • Leader Resources works with our partners to build financially healthy and mutually profitable energy projects that contribute to the sustainability of our planet and our communities.


Leader Resources is one of Ontario’s leading renewable energy developers, with a portfolio that exceeds 450 MW of projects in various stages of development. We are active in wind, solar, and other renewable and sustainable energy technologies. We continue to grow and expand, pursuing new business opportunities, facilitating partnerships and providing operations and asset management for commissioned projects.

Leader Resources’ is committed to responsibly adding value to our development projects benefitting both our financial partners and the local community. We take projects through the full development cycle from concept through site selection, public consultation, permitting, construction, and operations and asset management. Leader Resources maintains excellent relationships with landowners, investors, government, aboriginal groups, engineering and construction contractors, environmental consultants and other service providers. Our team’s expertise and experience in the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects, ensures high-yielding projects now, and for years to come.