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Local Renewable Energy Business Receives Approval for Small Wind Energy Project

August 13, 2014

(Kincardine)  Leader Resources of Kincardine is pleased to be contributing to the health and resilience of its community with the approval of a small wind energy project near Tiverton.  The single wind turbine project, called Quixote One, will provide 2.5 MW of clean and healthy renewable energy to the Ontario electrical supply.  That’s enough electricity to power more than 600 homes in a year –  or the equivalent of removing 950 vehicles from the road, with emissions free electricity.

“It may only be a single wind turbine, but it has special meaning for us.  We have renewable energy projects throughout the province.  This is our home community where our head office is located and where our employees and our many contractors live.   We are happy to be contributing to the local tax base, to clean air, and a sustainable and renewable form of energy in our community,” says Chuck Edey, President of Leader Resources.

The small project is meeting and exceeding all the provincial requirements.  Leader Resources has worked closely with the community throughout the very stringent process.

“Wind energy is healthy and sustainable, and an important part of a reliable mix of power helping communities become more resilient and independent.  That means we are helping to make this a great place to live, and do business. Leader Resources is proud to be contributing positively to our community and our planet, for generations to come,” adds Leader Resources’ Executive Vice President, Kathryn Freimanis.

The turbine is expected to be up and supplying clean and renewable energy to the Ontario electricity supply in the first quarter of 2015.

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